Sunday, October 13, 2013

MasterChef Contestant Josh Marks Dead of Suicide

This hits really close to home actually. Earlier this year, Josh had been in a manic state in a confrontation with police. He later did a video for the "Make a Sound Project" an organization dedicated to helping people with suicidal thoughts.  In the video, he revealed he was bipolar.

It is so sad to see a public figure go through such a public fall from grace like this and I'm sure he won't be the last. I have been trying for years to help those with suicidal thoughts to change their way of thinking with my video on my youtube channel called Suicide.

I see that people are giving "Make a Sound Project" grief for the statement they posted after Josh's confrontation with police.  Shame on y'all. Read the statement that is up there today.  They are by no means at fault for Josh's choice.  Only Josh can make the choice to commit suicide. It is a selfish one and now comes the blow back from it so to speak.  He didn't see that in the wake of his death MASP would get blamed for his death. He didn't know that it's a selfish long term answer to short term issues.

If he was not on his medicine for his bipolar, that was on him.  That is the thing with bipolar. A lot of patients will feel fine and stop taking it. You can feel very suicidal if off your meds.  This is why Amanda Bynes is having such a hard time getting adjusted to her meds.  It is hard to get started on them, let alone get them adjusted from time to time as people like Catherine Zeta Jones has etc. You do from time to time need to possibly get admitted to check your levels and reevaluate them.

He was a great cook with such potential! Gone too soon.